About Big Art Studios

Big Art Studios is a project born of two Bay Area artists, Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito. Their need for a large, well–appointed warehouse with high ceilings, 10 ton bridge cranes and access to all the vendors they patronize led them to West Oakland, and the historic American Steel Building. In 2005, the pair began working in a small section of the 6 acre building, which was nearly vacant and greatly resembled a ghost town. Over time friends and other artists visited the warehouse and discovered they too needed a space like this. In 2007 Dan and Karen rented larger tracts of space, and soon the warehouse was populated with creative, productive, forward-thinking individuals.

On April Fools Day, 2009, Dan and Karen signed a lease on the entire property. The facility now includes a 250,000 square foot industrial warehouse, a 50,000 square foot pristine studio warehouse, a 14,000 square foot event space, and a suite of offices for a wide variety of uses.

Today, over 80 artists and small green businesses call Big Art Studios their home for creative endeavors, and this great variety of individuals and skill sets comprises a truly diverse and vibrant community, replete with inspiration and cross-pollination of all kinds;

  • energy storage systems developers
  • biodiesel producers
  • worm farmers
  • urban organic gardening advocates
  • art car enthusiasts
  • large scale sculptors
  • kinetic and fire sculptors
  • jewelers

  • chocolate makers
  • painters
  • piñata makers
  • art car enthusiasts
  • musicians
  • photographers

Contact Us

Big Art Studios was created to cultivate a secure and versatile facility for artists and green businesses, an incubator for those who are working hard to make their ideas and dreams come true and a community who is collectively bringing new technology and inspirations to life.

For more info on the space or the projects happening there, shoot us an email [info@thebigartexperience.com]